[Update: Globally Released] Nexon reveals the global launch date for their upcoming Fantasy War Tactics game

Nexon Korea has been pretty busy, with multiple titles currently under developers and even more nearing release. One of those titles nearing release on a global level is Fantasy War Tactics, which has been in a very limited soft launch in select regions on Android. Those of you not in a supported region can’t play this game yet, but that will soon be changing.

Update: November 5th, 2015 1:24pm PST: Nexon has released Fantasy War Tactics globally right on time. This game is now available in 153 countries. For those of you who have been waiting for this game, you can still use the link below to grab a copy of it off of Google Play for free.

Fantasy War Tactics, for those of you unfamiliar with this game, is being labeled as an SRPG (strategy RPG) title. This means that this game features plenty of RPG content and mechanics, with a turn-based tactical style of combat when dealing with enemies. This game features both a large single-player campaign as well as multiplayer PvP. In total, there are over 50 customizable heroes for players to collect, each with their own unique skills.

During combat, players will need to not only utilize hero skills, but also navigate the terrain, taking advantage of certain aspects of said terrain. So being on a hill and attacking an enemy, for example, is better for you but worse for the enemy who is trying to defend and attack uphill. The map which players will be taking their group of heroes through is pretty big, with 12 different regions to explore and over 180 dungeons.

For those of you interested in grabbing a copy of this game, Fantasy War Tactics will finally be launching globally on Android this November 5th, 2015. Price-wise, this will be available for download for free off of Google Play. Nexon is also offering players an incentive for downloading this when it arrives. Anyone who downloads this game on Nov. 5th, and plays the game within two weeks of its launch, will get a “Pirate Queen Chris” hero, other Legend-Class armor and in-game currency. We will post an update once this game arrives. If you’re in the soft launch supported regions, you can download the game now.