Nexon’s Unreal Engine built Combat Arms: Zombies released on iOS. Android Tegra version next?

Back in November 2011 we wrote about how Nexon Mobile would be bringing their Unreal Engine 3 build FPS (First-person shooter) game to iOS and Android devices soon. Well today sees the release of the game on iOS which now has us thinking that the Android Tegra version, called Combat Arms: Zombies THD, will be next.

Combat Arms: Zombies is based off the free-to-play online game Combat Arms Online by Nexon Mobile except this is a zombified version of the game for mobile devices. Made using Unreal Engine 3, this game is pretty gorgeous in terms of eye candy, as with most games made with Unreal Engine 3. However, thanks to the iOS release, we now know a bit more about the game.

For starters it will have five different control schemes to match just about any style of playing you may have. Obviously it will also come with a plethora of weapons at your disposal for massacring waves of brain dead zombies, always a plus in my books. Gameplay is done in an arena style format where you will be taking on waves of zombies to see how long you can survive. We also know that, if the price follows the iOS version, that it will be $4.99 at launch time.

Originally Combat Arms: Zombies THD was slated for release on Tegra Android devices (may be Tegra 3 only) in December 2011 but apparently that has been delayed. Now with the iOS version out we should be seeing the Android version making its way to us sooner than later, hopefully. You can check out the official trailer above which is all cinematic but was rendered fully in Unreal Engine 3 so you do get an idea of how it will log.

Developer Website: Nexon Mobile (Korean)

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