NGames’ new MMORPG Exled Gods is now out in select regions. Global launch coming soon.

NGames has launched a new MMORPG onto Android called Exiled Gods for select regions in a sort of a soft launch. This is one of those games that we have started to label as a collectible MMORPG, meaning that this game has a multitude of heroes a player can collect and swap them in and out of their current group.

As the story goes with Exiled Gods, a big event has happened where the Holy Gate has opened up. Because of this, you will be forming a group of heroes that you will take into battle to fight against hordes of monsters. Each hero that is available in this game has their own set of unique skills and abilities that you will be using to defeat all of these monsters with. Players will be able to have up to six heroes in their group at any given time and since there is over 200 heroes in this game, that makes for a lot of possible combinations.

Exiled Gods Features:

– A huge collection of mythical heroes from all over the world.
– Over 200 mythical heroes, each with their own ability, are at your service.
– Evolve your hero to make an unbeatable legion of your own.
– Put on epic equipment to enhance your combat power.
– Explore the mystical domain to gain powerful heroes and equipment.
– Collect heroes, build a legion and become the lord of the gods.
– Challenge players from all over the globe and become the ultimate champion

Of course all heroes will have multiple levels of evolution available, with each level increase making them much stronger than their previous evolution level. This evolution system has become a very standard feature with these types of games. Heroes can also be equipped with a variety of armor and weapons to help them not die in battle.

Exiled Gods is currently only available for folks who live in Singapore and Malaysia right now. There is no specific date announced for when the global release will happen, only that it will eventually be happening soon. Downloading this game will cost you nothing and it does have optional IAPs as well.

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