ngmoco and Glu team up to bring Gun Bros to Mobage

For those of you who play on the Mobage social gaming network, you now have one more game connected to your Mobage account. This time though it comes from the guys over at Glu and it happens to be their rather popular social shooter/action game called Gun Bros.

Gun Bros is a freemium game where you go around shooting the hell out of your enemies. It comes with a buddy system where you can take along a friend’s character as well which, as you two go around blazing a trailer of bodies with bullets, also gets some benefit from it. While the game is free to download, you can buy inn-game items and weapons to help you out along the way. As with any Glu game you do pretty much have to buy into it if you plan on getting far in Gun Bros.

If you have a Mobage account, you can now log-in to Gun Bros through that account. You should be able to use your MobaCoin as well when making in-game purchases, otherwise there really wouldn’t be any benefit to bringing it to Mobage for existing members. If you don’t have a mobage account and play Gun Bros, you won’t need to worry about losing anything or any changes to the game.

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