ngmoco releases their newest game onto Android called Dreamtopia

During GDC 2012 we talked about an upcoming title from ngmoco called Dreamtopia. This game is a unique blend of city building and RPG mechanics wrapped up into one title. Your city building is based around fulfilling the dreams of your citizens which makes for quite a unique type of game.

The building structure of Dreamtopia is completely open so if one of your citizens wants to be a ninja, you build a dojo and help them work towards fulfilling their dream. There are also shorter quests which will help out called ‘Wishes’ and are more geared towards little achievements to complete in order to get your guy to become a ninja such as buying a sword and things like that.

There is no set size of map either. Your dream world continues to grow in size as you build more structures and fulfill more dreams. The dreams fulfilled are up to you which makes everyone playing the game have unique maps of their own, which you can visit and interact with. Interacting with another players map will gain both you and them rewards. You can also ‘Like’ a map you visit which rewards that player in various ways as well.

Dreamtopia is definitely a neat little casual game that throws a bit of a twist when it comes to a city building game. It runs on the Mobage platform from ngmoco which means it is available for free off of Google Play with optional in-game purchases should you want to take advantage of them. You can check out the listing and download the game through our catalog as well and for deeper details you can read our GDC 2012 article about Dreamtopia.

Developer Website: ngmoco

Google Play Link: Dreamtopia

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