Pirate Fashion Up For Grabs in the Latest Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Update

feature image for our ni no kuni: cross worlds update news, the image features official promo art for the update with a drawing of goldbeard with the legs of a Kraken as a team of characters prepare to battle against him, the netmarble logo is in the top left, the game's logo is in the top right and there is text in the middle of the image saying "new episode - goldbeard's treasure island"

Netmarble has just released a brand new pirate-themed Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds update. It challenges you to delve into a brand-new episode and take part in exciting battles against Goldbeard as you discover Treasure Island. Explore action-packed dungeons with friends, or solo, and participate in a wide range of fresh activities!

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Embark on a New Adventure!

The new episode is called Goldbeard’s Treasure Island, and it gives you the opportunity to defeat the half-human, half-Kraken yourself! The episode features multiple stories and a range of Reputation Quests to play through. 

These include solo play and team play as you traverse through dangerous marine dungeons. Clearing the dungeons rewards you with Reputation XP, the four star Purrloiner, and a Palm Tree Island Puzzle Pack – remember that this depends on the reward tier.

Rewards Up For Grabs!

This new update brings a variety of new islands to explore in the Vermuda Archipelago, where you can find special rewards such as the Pirate Code Piece Chest, Pirate Badges, and the Suspicious Key!

Level up the Telescope skill using Reputation XP, and utilise the Telescope to search for skills that you need to clear certain episodes during Goldbeard’s Treasure Island. 

There’s also a brand-new Episode Pass with a fantastic selection of exclusive rewards up for grabs. Some of the rewards that you can obtain are:

  • Four star Purrloiner
  • Familiar Summon Coupons
  • First Mate title

There’s also a Premium Pass for the latest episode, including:

  • Luxurious Palm Tree Puzzle Pack
  • Pirate Badges
  • Four star Familiar

Events and Mini-Games

Additionally, you can change up your style with the latest cosmetics. Suit up with the Pirate Outfit, Pirate Hat, and the Surfskipper mount! There’s also a new four star familiar available called Rare Petal – equip this to boost your overall basic attack damage and to receive the Fairy’s Blessing (this increases your speed!)

Now, let’s take a closer look at the events that you can take part in during the Goldbeard update.

  • Catch Pirate King Kluu – Mini game that grants awesome rewards 
  • Purrloiner Power-Up Event – Collect a variety of power-up items for Purrloiner
  • Find the Secret Navigation Log – Obtain Navigation Log to exchange for special event items!

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