Nikke x Chainsaw Man Is Confirmed With Official Trailer As The Gacha Launches On PC

feature image for our nikke chainsaw man news article, the image features promo art for the collab with power and makima from chainsaw man and characters from the nikke game alongside the game's logo

Level Infinite has officially confirmed the upcoming Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab! After a few days of speculation, a new trailer has popped up on Nikke’s official YouTube channel showing it off in action. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look down below.

Nikke x Chainsaw Man PV

It’s only a short video, but at least it answers some of our questions. After days of leaks, it’s actually happening! While it may seem like a pretty random collaboration, both franchises are extremely popular at this current time. 

Firstly, we see a battle taking place as Nikke characters make their way around the destroyed environment. Suddenly, we see a red-haired woman with a long coat standing on top of a building – of course, it’s fan-favourite Makima.

Next up, we get a shot of Himeno using some sort of mecha weapon – wildly different to her powers in the Chainsaw Man series. Aki then makes an appearance, but we’re not too sure if you can actually obtain either of these characters. Original leaks point to only Makima and Power joining the cast of characters, but it’ll be fantastic if we get more!

We also get a few shots of Power as she launches herself towards the enemy with her hammer, as well as a quick clip of Denji (aka, Chainsaw Man) overlooking the chaos from atop a building.

What to Expect in the Collab

The world of Nikke meets Chainsaw Man, and while we’re not sure how the characters from Chainsaw Man will weave into the game, we can’t wait to see it! In the anime/manga, the devil hunters fend off – you guessed it – devils. Nikke has its own form of enemies, and it certainly isn’t the same type that you see in Chainsaw Man.

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Nikke PC Release

Additionally, Level Infinite has also announced that Nikke is available on PC from today. This means players can easily switch between portable and desktop versions of the game from now on – brilliant!

For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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