Rapi Battles Against 2B in Nikke x Nier 3D Animation

feature image for our nikke nier animation news, the image features a screenshot from the animation of rapi and 2B standing back to back as they are surrounded by raptures, rapi is holding up a pistol

With the release of the long-awaited Nikke x Nier collaboration, we now have a brand-new animation to go alongside it – and it’s in 3D!

For more information about Nikke, you can visit the game’s official website and download the game from Google Play.

3D Nikke Looks Amazing

For a mobile game that features mostly Live 2D, it’s nice to see Nikke take on the world of 3D animation. The environments, enemies, and characters of Nikke translate perfectly to a 3D art style. 

While an open-world RPG in the Nikke franchise would be cool, it’ll probably never happen, so we’ll have to appreciate the occasional crumbs provided via promotional advertisements.

Anyway, enough about our hypothetical wishes, let’s delve deeper into the Nikke x Nier animated video.

Rapi Versus 2B!

Firstly, you can see Pascal sitting on the ground surrounded by verdant grass as he holds a singular flower in his robotic hands. 

The image then quickly changes to a shot that features the same type of flower growing out of the ground, surrounded by debris and rocks. This shows the passage of time and how the state of the world has altered since. 

It then cuts to an action sequence between Nikke’s Rapi, and Nier Automata’s 2B – both extremely popular characters in both franchises. 2B slices through Rapi’s rifle with her sword, followed by Rapi pulling out a pistol in retaliation. 

9S to the Rescue

Too busy with their own battle, 2B and Rapi suddenly find themselves surrounded by raptures, as 9S watches from above while hacking into the systems of the enemies. We then see a short glimpse of A2, who is due to be obtainable in the game later this week.

If you’ve watched the Nier Automata anime, Nier Automata Ver1.1a, and you watched it with the Japanese dub, you’ll probably recognise Rapi’s voice – also in the Japanese dub. The JP VA for Rapi and for 2B is none other than the talented Ishikawa Yui.

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