Yoko Taro’s 2B and A2 are Obtainable During the Nikke x Nier Automata Event

feature image for our nikke nier automata news, the image features official promo art for the collaboration, with characters from nikke such as neon, anis, and rapi crouching down as they wield their guns, with A2 and 2B crouching with them as they also hold weapons, pascal from automata is standing behind them all whilst holding a flower

It’s been a long time coming, but the Nikke x Nier Automata event will start very soon! We first reported on the teaser video in April, but we now know the official release date. 

For more information about Nikke, visit the game’s official website. Additionally, you can download the game on Google Play!

Limited-Time Characters

Come September 1st, you can try your luck to obtain fan-favourite characters, 2B and A2,  from Nier Automata. As with the other limited-time collaborations in Nikke, both of these characters will more than likely not be making a return at a later date. 

This was the case for the Chainsaw Man collab that ran back in February this year.

This means that if you really want both of these characters, you’ll have to obtain them on the event banner within the time period. Otherwise, you probably won’t get the chance again. 

It’s not just collaborations in Nikke that follow this rule, as some already existing characters from the Nikke franchise receive their own limited-time variation – Anis and Helm being the latest examples in the Summer 2023 event!

What to Expect in the Collaboration

While not much is known about the Nikke x Nier Automata collab at the moment, we can expect to see a special storyline as we did during the Chainsaw Man collab. 2B and A2 will undoubtedly make an appearance and we can’t wait to see what the battles entail. 

Of all games to collaborate with Nikke, Nier Automata makes complete sense. Both games feature android characters who are ordered to battle on a dystopian surface. 2B and A2 will most certainly fit right in. 

There haven’t been any further teasers regarding the kit of each character or their in-game animations, but with September being just around the corner, the official Nikke Twitter page will presumably post them soon enough!

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