A Nikke x NieR Collab is in the Works

feature image for our nikke nier collab, the image features a screenshot of 2B from the nier anime, as well as a screenshot from the nikke nier collaboration teaser video on twitter, which features the nier and nikke logo combined with the text "new collab is coming soon" underneath the logo

Well, it looks like there’s a Nikke x NieR collab in the works – and we can’t wait. It’s not surprising that the notorious Nikke is teaming up with NieR, arguably one of the most popular sci-fi JRPGs of recent years. If you think about it, both worlds can definitely collide without too much immersion-breaking – Chainsaw Man collaboration, I’m looking at you.

So, What is the Nikke x NieR Collab?

The Chainsaw Man collaboration saw both Power and Makima up for grabs via the recruitment banners – so it’s not too far-fetched to presume that 2 characters could be available to recruit.

With the six month anniversary celebration coming up, we expect to see more news about the NieR collaboration in due time. In fact, Nikke hasn’t even confirmed that it’s a NieR collab, but it’s pretty obvious from the teaser that it’s official. 

The Legend Himself, Yoko Taro

The combination of the Nikke franchise and Yoko Taro is certainly going to be a sight to see. Fans love him for his wacky antics, and we adore him for it. We’re looking forward to seeing how Yoko Taro’s world works in the Nikke universe. 

It’s not hard to imagine 2B battling against raptures, though she does prefer melee weapons rather than guns. However, the Nikke character, Scarlet, uses a katana to attack raptures, so who knows? We just hope that Pod 042 or Pod 153 makes an appearance – having them fight alongside 2B would be a fantastic design choice.

Make sure to keep an eye on our news page to keep up to date with the latest announcements regarding this exciting new collaboration between 2 beloved franchises. If you’re looking for something new to play, take a look at our Best Android Gacha Games guide!

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