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First Nikke Male Character to be Pascal from Nier Automata – Plus, Controversial Outfit Gacha

feature image for our nikke nier pascal news, the image features official promo art for the character announcement for the collab event, the image features a drawing of pascal with the text "new character arrives, complete all event activities to receive SR pascal 3"

If you’re a Nikke player, you’ll be more than aware of the upcoming Nikke x Nier collaboration that is due to start in the coming days. However, did you know the Pascal will be obtainable too?

For more information about Nikke, visit the game’s official website. If you’re unfamiliar with the Nier franchise, take a look at the official website for Nier Automata!

Pascal Joins the Crew

Yes, you heard that right. Pascal the robot will be a playable character in the gacha game. But how do you get Pascal? 

Well, from the looks of it, you can obtain Pascal via the event missions. In fact, you’ll be able to reach Max Limit Break thanks to the abudance of rewards provided by completing event tasks. 

This does mean that Pascal is the first male character to be playable in Nikke (something that is unheard of in the game). If you’re familiar with Nier Automata, you’ll know all about Pascal’s lore! 

While he is an extremely popular character, fans didn’t expect him to be an obtainable SR in Nikke.

The 2B and A2 Outfit Gacha

In other Nikke news, players will receive a free additional outfit for both 2B and A2 by completing event tasks. This is a lovely surprise for those who adore both franchises, but the next announcement is proving to be unpopular amongst fans. 

There are 2 more outfits up for grabs, but they can only be obtained via the outfit gacha. These additional outfits have a lot more detail than the free ones, which means they will be highly sought-after. 

This isn’t the first time that Nikke has included a gacha system for event outfits, with the most recent featuring a new style for Sugar and Rupee. This feature means that these stylish limited-time outfits are pretty rare to get – unless you spend real money.
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