Re:CIPE FOR YOU Hard Mode & Solo Raid S12 Live in NIKKE

The feature image for news on Solo Raid s12 is the event banner with the boss nihilister on the left side.

The fires of the Nikke Solo Raid S12 are ablaze! From April 4th at 12:00 to April 11th at 04:59 (UTC+9), face Nihilister, a fearsome two-headed crimson dragon. Here’s the intel you need to conquer this fiery foe:

The clock starts ticking on April 4th, so get your squads prepped! You’ll have until April 11th to bring the heat. Water and Fire Nikkes are especially effective against this fiery beast.

Assemble your best team for this challenge. Use Rocket Launcher (RL) and Machine Gun (MG) Nikkes to pierce Nihilister’s defenses. This raid features a unique attack mode with Nihilister unleashing Minigun Exam drones and Rapture adds.

Nihilister Descends In Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE!

Expect a relentless barrage from Nihilister’s Minigun Exam drones. Focus on taking them down quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed. Nihilister can summon Rapture to shield herself. Deploy your Nikkes with high Defense stats to counter these pesky protectors. Watch out for Nihilister’s Spike Hissle and Burning Shatter attacks! Prioritize dodging these fiery blasts to keep your squad in the fight.

Conquer the Challenge

Victory against Nihilister is sweeter with loot! Throughout the Nikke Solo Raid S12, you’ll earn valuable rewards based on your performance. So, Commanders, are you ready to face the flames? Gather your strongest Nikkes, devise your strategy, and jump into the Solo Raid Season 12!


Remember that hot collaboration between NIKKE and Re:Zero we mentioned a while back? Well, guess what? The story continues with the launch of Hard Mode for the Re:CIPE FOR YOU event! Let me tell you how to get in! Head to the Re:CIPE FOR YOU event interface. Then, Select “Story II” at the entrance. Choose “Hard Mode” and get started!

Also, if you’re new to Goddess Of Victory: Nikkie, get the game on the Google Play Store to get started!

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