Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is Available for Pre-Registration

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is a hack and slash RPG with more tapping than hacking or slashing. You play as a lone space ninja, slicing your way across the galaxy getting stronger with every enemy you eliminate.

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest – A Retro Pixel-Art Style Beat-em’ Up

In Ninja Prime: Tap Quest, you are taking on the space Shoguns Empire. As you kill enemies, you can upgrade and train your ninja, find unique items and explore the solar system.

As you fight Space Mercs, other ninjas and crazy bosses, you will stumble across multiple galaxies with game-altering mechanics. Ninja Prime is not a roguelike game, so it’s not a limitless amount of fun. But it’s fair to say there is enough going on to keep most players entertained for hours.

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest has idle elements, meaning your character keeps killing even when you stop playing. I figured I should mention this as some gamers won’t touch any game that has idle elements. But if you are interested in Ninja Prime, then you can pre-register from the Google Play store.

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