Nintendo’s next mobile game is called Super Mario Run and will be arriving soon

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Nintendo has revealed what their next mobile game will be, and it is called Super Mario Run. So this would be the first mobile game using a true Nintendo franchise. The best part is, it actually looks like something you would find, level design and look wise, in the Super Mario franchise.

In this game players will be controlling the iconic Mario as he runs through a number of different environments, all of which are themed from actual areas from the Super Mario Bros franchise. In fact the game was designed with the help of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. During an event today where Nintendo revealed the game, he took the stage and took control of Mario, putting through his paces in a multi-level demonstration.

In Super Mario Run, Mario will be running forward on his own accord. however, players will be to use touch controls design for single finger gameplay in order to jump over obstacles, avoid enemies, and capture the flag pole to complete level each level. So this isn’t an endless runner game but an actual arcade platformer. This game also has a mode in which you will be collecting coins and heading for the goal, and another game mode in which you will be competing against the acrobatic moves of other players who have completed the same course.

Lastly, there is a third mode in which you create your own Mushroom Kingdom based upon these play results. So there is actually quite a lot of replay value with this particular game. However, there is one problem, and that is Super Mario Run will be landing on iOS first this December 2016 as a limited time exclusive, while the Android version doesn’t have a release date as of yet. This game will be free with a single IAP to unlock the full game. It will be published through DeNA like previous Nintendo games on mobile.

The good news is that Nintendo plans to release its previously announced mobile titles in the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem series before the end of March, 2017. So that is something to keep looking forward to as well.

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