Nitro Games unleashes Sink ‘Em All so you can rule the season seas

Nitro Games have finally broke out of their iOS mold and released their first title onto the Google Play store called Sink Em’ All. This particular game is a pure action shooter that takes place on the high seas where you will be battling it out with other pirates for control of the waters.

Set in a top-down perspective, Sink ‘Em All is pure action gaming wrapped up in some nice 3D visuals. Essentially you will be controlling your ship, sailing around the waters and battling it out with rival pirates. Since there are a lot of them and only one of you, you will have plenty of weapon upgrades at your disposal including Great Balls of Fire, Vortex Missiles and even the occasional Fart Bomb.

Sink ‘Em All Features:

– Four chapters each including six levels with waves of badass Black Covian ships.
– Crazy special weapons to shoot them into kingdom come: Balls of Steel, Blue Balls, Great Balls of Fire, Human Catapult, Fart Bombs, Homing Missiles and more.
– Bosses who, among other things, have tentacles. Tentacles!
– Papaya Leaderboards: show the world that you are the man by dominating the online charts!

It isn’t just normal pirates and their ships that you will have to deal with but also bosses as well as the random sea creature here and there. Papaya Mobile social features are also integrated into the game with leaderboard in which you can compete in and try to dominate as well.

Sink Em’ All comes in two flavors, a free version to try out and a full version for $2.99. For those of you looking for a new action game to sink your teeth into, you might want to check this one out, especially if you dig naval warfare.

Developer Website: Nitro Games

Google Play Link: Sink ‘Em All

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