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Nitro Nation World Tour Aims To Be Forza Horizon On Android

A car in Nitro Nation World Tour.

If you’ve ever wished that Forza Horizon would come to Android already, we have a solution for you. It might not be a particularly good one, but it’s the closest you can get right now.

That solution is Nitro Nation World Tour, a brand new mobile racing game that takes a bunch of inspiration from the hit Xbox racing game.

It’s Nothing Like Forza Horizon!

For a start, it’s all about creating a collection of the world’s fastest cars and heading out onto the racing track in them. They’re all fully licensed too, so you should see a bunch of your favourites.

A big aspect of a Forza game is tuning your car for the race ahead, and Nitro Nation is no different. You can upgrade, tune, and provide regular maintenance on your vehicles to succeed.

There’s No Social Play!

Then there’s the wide variety of races themselves to participate in. You can race online against friends, participate in full tournaments, and try and climb the leaderboards.

If you have friends, you can invite them to play with you, joining a Social Club. This is like a guild in an MMORPG, and provides you with a space to work together to succeed.

For example, you can share cars between each other to succeed in difficult races. In exchange, you will earn in-game currency. It actually pays to be kind in Nitro Nation World Tour.

It Doesn’t Even Look Like Forza Horizon!

The last comparison we’ll draw to Forza Horizon is the beautiful visuals on offer. Sure, it’s nowhere near the levels of the series at its best, but it’s great for a mobile game.

So go ahead and grab it right now on Google Play. It’s definitely not Forza Horizon on Android, so go ahead and complain about that in the comments. But, it is about as close as you can get until Microsoft releases an official version.

Or, you could stream it on Game Pass. But ew.

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