Nival Releases Prime World Defenders 2. Now available to download in the Play Store

Nival returns to their popular tower defense strategy game Prime World Defender. I know what you are probably thinking, tower defense…hmmm… moving right along. Wait. If you are fan of the genre, Prime World: Defenders 2 looks extremely polished, has a great user interface and for playing in portrait mode, it is quite intriguing.

At this point, most gamers are familiar with tower defense strategy games. The genre was made popular on mobile devices around the time Fieldrunners was released by Subatomic Studios. Most recently, Ironhide Game Studios has been brandishing the crown with their Kingdom Rush series. Though we have seen a slew of tower defense games, it never hurts to have another polished entry into the field, and that is what Nival hopes to achieve with their latest release. Nival adds a twist to the TD game by blending a Collectible Card Game into the mix. You are able to obtain different cards that are either towers or spells that you can use within the game. In each game you are able to choose which cards you take into battle. 

“Meet the latest game in the legendary Prime World: Defenders series, a unique combination of the Tower Defense and Collectible Card Game genres with more than 5 million players around the globe. Enter a mysterious land stricken by a vast cataclysm and now thriving with powerful artifacts and immense treasures guarded by furious monsters. Build up your defenses and brace for the assault.” – Nival

Prime World: Defenders 2 Features:

  • Collect all 40 unique towers and 20 deadly spells!
  • Customize your collection with Runes to create the ultimate defense!
  • Use them to crush Underground, Intelligent, Swarming, Exploding, Phantom, Corpse-eating, and 20 other monster types and 29 unique bosses!
  • Fight with other players to pump up your towers into monster-slaughtering war machines!
  • Used to good weather? Well then, can your defenses survive night levels, tornadoes, and storms?

I enjoy playing tower defense games. It seems playing them recently, hasn’t been quite as much fun as I would like. After playing through a few of the early stages of Prime World: Defenders 2, it makes me want to explore the genre again. The addition of collectible trading cards and different abilities with the towers makes the game more enjoyable to play.

I am typically not a fan of games played in portrait mode, unless it is an endless runner or some of the sports games that really require it. Playing in portrait mode works quite well in Defenders 2. You are able to tilt the screen and zoom in, which offers a nice perspective during the game play. You will be taking on a horde of monsters and beasts, so it is fascinating to get up close and see the detail that has been put into the game.

Prime World: Defenders 2 is integrated with Google Game Play Services and there are 47 achievements to be unlocked. If you are interested, you can also connect the game with your FaceBook account, allowing you to send game invites to friends. The game is free to play and everything revolves around using coins. Coins are awarded for beating the levels and completing quests. So far, the free to play structure seems to be well implemented. I have enjoyed playing the game without the worries of running into a pay wall. There are also no timers, which is great to see when you are playing a fee to play game. The only downside to the game currently, is that it looks like it requires a constant network connection to play.

If you enjoyed playing the previous version of this game, you probably know what to expect. If Prime World: Defenders is new to you and you enjoy tower defense games, then it is definitely good enough to check out. Nival has released a strong contender into the overcrowded space of tower defense games.


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