Node.Hack will also be arriving on Android on March 21st

The next week or so is going to see a lot of great games being released onto Android. Another interesting game that will be coming our way on March 21st is a game based around hacking called Node.Hack from developers 4gency.

Node.Hack takes some inspiration from a couple of different older games such as Pac-Man, Uplink (also headed to Android) and Pyro II to name a few. Node.Hack is an action strategy game where you will be hacking systems, destroying AIs and stealing millions while competing with other players for top scores on OpenFeint.

The gameplay consists of 3 parts:

1. Hacking nodes that contain valuables in order to open the level exit
2. Avoiding enemy AI and/or using weapons to destroy the AI
3. Escape the level once the exit is opened while the nodes collapse around the player

Notable features include:

1. OpenFeint support with online leaderboards
2. Randomly generating maps
3. Achievement support as a day one patch or shortly thereafter

As you can see in the notable features list, maps are randomly generated each time you play so even though you are competing with other players for top score, you won’t be running the same maps as them. While we all wait for Uplink to arrive on Android, Node.Hack will certainly to the trick when it comes to filling that void of hacking related games to play on your Android device.

Currently Node.Hack is slated for a March 21st release onto Google Play and Amazon’s App Store for the Kindle Fire version of the game. For those hacking inclined people out there, Node.Hack will set you back $0.99 when it becomes available. You can check the game out in action in the trailer above.

Official Website: Node.Hack

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