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Nonstop Knight 2 is out right now on Android

Nonstop Knight 2 Android

Hankering for an endless dungeon crawl? Well, we’ve got good news for you: Nonstop Knight 2 is out right now on Android.

The sequel picks up where the original left off, with you battling endlessly through a bunch of dungeons. Along the way, you’ll pick up loot, level up, and boost your character.

Nonstop Knight 2 features item sets, and coop and competitive game modes

Most of the game plays out automatically, with you largely focusing on managing your hero. You’ll equip it with the best stuff and choose your favourite skills.

So what’s new in the sequel? Lots of things. You’ve got item sets, new equipment slots, loads of new skills, a competitive game mode, and co-op.

Item sets are an RPG standard, with you getting bonus perks and statistics for wearing a full set of the same equipment. It’s nice to see it make an appearance here.

The competitive game mode takes place in the Badlands and involves climbing a leaderboard while the coop mode requires you to join a guild. Then you can take friends with you into battle.

So head on over to Google Play and grab Nonstop Knight 2 right now. It’s a great little time waster for when you don’t really fancy playing a game but watching it instead.

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