Grab Wayward Souls, The Executive, and 3 other Noodlecake classics cheap in the Android flash sale

Noodlecake Studios

Noodlecake is holding a flash sale on Android this weekend, featuring a few of its finest premium games. You can grab them all for the same low price of 99c / 89p as well.

The best of the bunch is the hardcore isometric RPG, Wayward Souls. It’s the closest you can get to Dark Souls on mobile in terms of pure hack and slash difficulty.

Closely following is The Executive, a clever combination of autorunner and fighter. You’ll run through a bunch of levels, performing QTE actions and battling enemies Street Fighter-style. There’s an RPG style perk and upgrade system as well to keep you busy.

Wayward Souls

Have your Noodlecake and eat it

Rounding up the sale is the world-bending platformer Caterzillar, the gorgeous action puzzler Island Delta, and the craziest shmup you’ll ever play.

It’s called Shooting Stars!, and you play as a nerd on a hover board shooting lasers out of his cat’s eyes. There are parodies of celebrities to shoot, and a bunch of different modes, enemies, and weapons to discover.

It’s the weekend, so why not treat yourself to every single one of them? Click the links on each name above to grab each of them on Google Play to get them right now.

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