[UPDATE: Game Released] Noodlecake Games begins teasing Beatdown, a Double Dragon style game arriving next week

Noodlecake has begun teasing their next release which is another title made by Ravenous Games called Beatdown. This particular game is a side-scrolling brawler similar in style to past old school games like Double Dragon. The ironic part about this game is that our ‘hero’ isn’t actually a hero in some regards since his goal is to give his ex-boss a beatdown for firing him.

[UPDATE: April 22nd, 8:06 PM-PST] Ravenous Games in collaboration with Noodlecake Studios, has released Beatdown. If you are interested in this pixel-based brawler style of gaming, you can download the game for $.99 There is no mention of in-app purchases in the description on Google Play. The link to download the game can be found at the end of this article.

Players will control our little hero who has been wrongfully dismissed from his job. Not being one to leave things at that, he is off to find his now ex-boss to beat his ass. However, there are still many members of staff who work for him and want to stop you from beating their boss.


Beatdown Features:

– 20 Levels
– Endless mode
– 5 Bosses
– 5 Environments
– 30 Enemies
– Combos / Rage Attacks

From the style of gameplay all the way to the visuals, Beatdown is heavily inspired by classic beat em’ up games. Noodlecake Games plans to release this new title next week, which means we should see it arrive on Thursday. As for pricing, no word on that just yet. However, you can check out the game in action in the video above.

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