Noodlecake Studios releases Pumped BMX 3!

Noodlecake Studios continues to push out high-quality gaming for mobile devices. This time around, Noodlecake teams up with game designer Adam Hunt, also known as Yeah Us! Games for what is said to be the final installment of the Pumped BMX series. Pumped BMX 3 is now available in the Play Store and you don’t want to miss it.

I have enjoyed playing the Pumped BMX games. the games have plenty of character, flawless and easy to learn controls, and a difficulty that is measured in the perfect zone between easy enough and tough enough to keep you gaming. More of the same continues with Pumped BMX 3. You will find excellent physics, good ragdoll animations, and plenty of challenges to complete. It is a fun game to have on your mobile device.

“Ride through sets of jumps pulling off crazy stunts in order to complete challenges and beat high scores. Combine 24 awesome BMX tricks with flips, spins and grinds to rack up huge high scores, or just relax and flow through the levels – it’s up to you!” – Noodlecake Studios/Yeah Us! Games

The game starts you off with an easy enough tutorial. The controls are easy to learn, but remembering all of the different combinations available may take you a minute or two. That’s fine because it is going to take a few tries to complete a lot of the challenges in the game. One challenge might be to do a simple backflip. If you pull off two backflips that doesn’t count. You have to do specifically what is asked to complete the challenge. It will take some exploration to figure out how to do some of the tricks, but once you do, it is a thing of beauty to execute.

There is a button on the right side of the screen that must be depressed. When you hit the pump button, it accelerates your rider. You have to release that button just before you take off to get air. From there, it is up to you what to do. You can use the spin button, which is just above the pump button to do various tricks, and you can also combine that with the on-screen joystick on the left side of the screen to flick in combination. Flicking in different directions initiates different tricks like a bar spin, superman, turndown, etc.

Pumped BMX 3 Features:

  • Challenges: Try your hand at over 720 challenges and achievements – a totally redesigned challenge system means there’s something different to try around every corner.
  • Levels: 60 all new levels across 6 amazing environments. From the relaxed to the totally insane, from the foothills and woods to the wetlands and mountains.
  • Riders: Featuring 15 of the world’s top dirt jumpers! From style gurus like Chase Hawk to tech wizards like Dennis Enarson, pick your pro and go shred!
  • Bikes: customize your bike – pick your favorite pro’s signature or create your own fully custom ride!

There is plenty to enjoy in Pumped BMX 3. It is a game that you can play at your own pace. If you are up to the challenges, there are plenty to complete. If you want to just go through the campaign without completing challenges, you can do that too. The graphics are crisp, the controls are excellent and the game is simply fun to play. I also like the range of riders that you have at your disposal. It keeps the game interesting. I would like more of a soundtrack in the game, but that is being a bit nitpicky for sure. Everything else though, is well worth the asking price of $3.99

Though there are a ton of challenges, the game is also integrated with Google Game Play Services and includes 16 achievements to unlock and an extensive amount of leaderboards to compete on. There are also no in-app purchases in the game. If you enjoy BMX games or are a fan of this series, don’t hesitate to pick up Pumped BMX 3. It is one of the best BMX games out there. Yeah Us! Games has achieved the perfect balance between simulation and arcade fun.


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