Noodlecake Games releases Tower Dwellers onto Android

Noodlecake Games is continuing the steady stream of solid game releases onto Android with their newest release today called Tower Dwellers. This is a pretty unique game that isn’t totally just a tower defense title. It actually plays out like more of a RTS game than anything but does have tower defense mechanics meshed into it.

Essentially players will be defending themselves against onslaughts of enemy units. This is done by building structures along the available pathways that the enemy units can take. However it isn’t the building doing the defense though in Tower Dwellers. Instead, like in RTS games, those building will produce different types of soldiers for you to use in defending yourself against the enemy units. Along with your troops, you also have some magic spells available for use to help out those troops of yours.

Tower Dweller Features:

• Craft Units from each tower to build a strategic army
• Command your units in Real Time and assist them in battle with your magic spells
• Non-linear progression – decide which territory to conquer next based on the upgrades it unlocks
• Complete the hilariously narrated tale to regain a land once lost
• Perfect your strategy by staging battles in the encyclopedia sandbox mode

The upgrading system is also pretty unique as well. In order to build new types of troops, all you have to do is place different types of support buildings near the structures producing your troops. This allows for more strategy on the fly in order to deal with different types of enemy troops.

To celebrate the release of Tower Dwellers onto Android, Noodlecake Games is having a bit of a sale. While there is a price drop, Tower Dwellers also has no IAPs. That means you should be able to access all the IAPs without having to pay for them. Picking up a copy of Tower Dwellers will cost you $3.99.

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