Nook Color first to get Angry Birds Magic Places and the Mighty Eagle!

Well here is one of the more odd example of an exclusive but for Nook Color owners who also enjoy Angry Birds, it’s a damn sweet deal. Angry Birds Magic Places has just arrived on the Nook Color and with it the availability to unlock the Mighty Eagle bird as well.

The Angry Birds Magic Places is essentially a NFC/location-based app where you’ll be able to unlock exclusive content at specific locations. This could be anything from new levels to said Mighty Eagle bird and more. The Mighty Eagle bird essentially gives you a 3 star rating on a level that you use it one right away (if you are stuck on a level that is) but does have a cooldown so you can just bash your way through the game.

To use the Mighty Eagle this way, you’ll have to be at a Barnes & Noble book store since it is location based. Luckily, there is usually a Starbucks in those places so you can have a drink while playing. The Magic Places app is available for $2.99 for the Nook Color and should be arriving soon for the rest of the Android world. Nook Color owners, now you can make all the other Angry Birds fans who don’t have a Nook Color jealous for awhile.

Website Referenced: UberGizmo

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