Norse Lands DLC Landing for Kingdom: Two Crowns This Month

A couple of months ago we told you that Norse Lands, the first bit of premium DLC for Kingdom: Two Crowns, was heading to Android. And now we can reveal that it’s going to land on November 16th.

The DLC features an all new campaign that’s inspired by Norse legend. For one thing you’ll be able to draw on special powers inspired by the Norse gods. Lightning-blasting hammer, anyone?

Norse Lands will feature new enemy types, as well as new units including the Berserker. There’ll be extra puzzles and challenges to try and overcome too. Here’s a trailer.

On top of all that there’s also going to be new weather effects added. The lands of the north might be beautiful, but they can also be super cold. And windy. Bit of drizzle, maybe? You get the idea.

Norse Lands is set to launch on the Play Store on November 16th. It’ll be a premium piece of DLC, although we don’t have a price for it yet. We’re gonna guess something like $3.99? That sounds about right.

If you haven’t played Kingdom: Two Crowns yet, you can click here to download it from the Play Store right now. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $6.99.

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