Not a Hero is now available for Android over on Amazon’s Appstore

Released by Devolver Digital, Not a Hero is a platform game that is coming to Amazon’s Fire TV. In this game, players will assume the role of Steve, who was formerly an assassin for hire who has gone strait. Steve will answer the call to help his city. The call, interestingly enough, comes from an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord.

Players will take Steve, and other heroes of dubious character, and will trade gunfire (as well as slide, dive, take cover, et al) in the seedy and criminal sections of town, until they’re sufficiently cleaned up. There are three districts within the game, all of which contain undecided voters whom you’re going to help persuade by tackling issues using… the aforementioned gunfire.

Not A Hero Features:

– Next Level Shootouts: Use reasonable force unreasonably in a dynamic mix of run-and-gun gameplay and cover-based shootouts. The intuitive quick-snap cover system lets you slide, roll, and dive into cover, dodging enemy fire before fighting back with tackles, executions, and 100s of bullets.
– Roster of Not Heroes: Select between 9 different heroes, each with their own distinct gameplay style and crime murdering abilities.
– Dynamic Missions: Go ham on primary objectives and (sometimes random) secondary goals but be prepared for unexpected mid-level events that turn the tables on the anti-heroes in an instant.

Round everything out with some good pixel art visuals, and you have yourself a pretty fun game. Not a Hero is available for $12.99 on Amazon’s Appstore with no mention of IAPs. While no IAPs is a good thing, $12.99 may turn off a few prospective buyers.

Amazon Marketplace: Not A Hero

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