Nuclear Outrun will be making the apocalypse an enjoy experience on July 11th

A nuclear apocalypse is serious business usually, half the time resulting in the end of the world while the other half of the time it results in zombies or mutated monsters overrunning the planet. At least that is what the usual scenario is when it comes to nuclear apocalypses and video games. Nuclear Outrun by Nerdook Productions and Nightspade (a.k.a The Gamenauts) follows this mindset but adds a healthy dose of humor to the mix to liven things up a bit.

Alright that was a bad joke but Nuclear Outrun is a game about this sort of event happening and does have plenty of humor mixed into everything. You’ll have your vehicle that you’ll be driving in this side-scrolling arcade game, mowing down as many zombies and monsters as possible while trying to outrun a nuclear missile that is about to strike the Earth. No one knows where this missile came from or why it is taking so long to actually hit the Earth. All you know is that you need to get as far away from it as possible.

Nuclear Outrun features:

– Annihilate zombies with 25 hilarious weapons, such as the nefarious Squid Launcher, the room-clearing Fart Bazooka, and the bloodthirsty Shark Gun.
– Rescue & collect 30 different survivor types, including Hipsters, Nurses, and Lawyers, each with their own unique perks! The further the player progresses, the more rare and powerful the allies.
– Escape in 18 vehicles from the cavity-inducing Ice Cream Truck, to the passive-aggressive Catmobile, to the overcompensating Terminatus X.
– Unleash devastating Weapons of Mass Destruction such as George the laser-shooting T-Rex and the Teddy Bear Bomber.
– Activate Power-Ups including the terrifying Chicken Rain and the Coins Unicorn.
– Compete with jealous friends and boast high scores on Game Center (iOS only) & Twitter.
– Rock out to a soundtrack from ska/punk band The Skank Agents!

Luckily you have a plentiful supply of weaponry to help clear the path you’re driving on of zombies and monsters. Some of these weapons are quite inventive as well such as the Shark Gun which, like the nae suggests, shoots of a bunch of sharks at oncoming enemies. There is also the always powerful fart bazooka and our personal favorite, the Chicken Rain gun where you rain deadly chickens onto your enemies.

The nuclear apocalypse will be happening on July 11th, 2013 when the game arrives on both Android and iOS. Then it is up to you as to whether you survive or not. As for pricing, no word has been mentioned on a possible price for this game.

Developer Website: The Gamenauts

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