Number Puzzle: Magic Square Is a New Kind of Math Puzzler with Unlimited Stages and Intuitive Controls

Arithmetic may not be the first word that comes to mind while weighing up entertainment options, but there are countless games—from Sudoku to Nerdle—that prove math can be fun. In fact, it’s the secret ingredient in many of the world’s most beloved puzzlers. 

Number Puzzle: Magic Square is a perfect example of this principle in action. 

Developed by Vionix Studio, Number Puzzle: Magic Square is a clever twist on the classic magic square exercise (where each row and column must add up to the same total, in case you missed that lesson).

Rather than challenging you to fill in the empty squares on a grid, Number Puzzle: Magic Square presents you with a completed grid in which some of the numbers are in the wrong square. 

To solve one of these puzzles you simply need to tap on one square and then another. The numbers in those two squares will swap places, changing the totals for any columns and rows they belong to.

In the earlier, easier stages, this is often a question of simply swapping whichever two numbers differ by the amount the total for that row or column is wrong by. Easy enough for a math whizz like you.

But pretty soon you’ll find yourself having to make multiple swaps, since it’s only possible to swap tiles that are immediately adjacent. This entails thinking several moves ahead as you shuffle your numbered squares, step by step, towards the solution. 

Not too many steps though. Number Puzzle: Magic Square gives you a limited number of moves to work with, making it a bracing test of arithmetic, logic, and tactical astuteness.

And it’s a test that never ends. Each stage in Number Puzzle: Magic Square is a workout for your brain, and there’s no limit to the number of workouts you can do because stages are automatically generated based on your current skill level. 

If that’s not enough content a recent update has even added a custom level builder option – where you can create a level with the grid size of your liking and adjust the number of swaps.  

To get started, head to the Google Play Store and download Number Puzzle: Magic Square for free right now

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