[MWC 2012] nVidia and Sega release new trailer for Sonic 4 Episode II for Tegra 3 devices

More information, including yet another great trailer, has come out during MWC 2012 from nVidia and Sega regarding Sonic 4 Episode II. This new information includes details about the Tegra 3 enhanced version of the blue hedgehog’s next installment into his franchise.

Sonic, teaming up with pal Tails, will get some all new moves that we will get to enjoy, coming in up to 720p HD resolution if that resolution is available for your device. If it isn’t, you will still be treated to HD visuals, just at your particular device’s resolution. There will be a total of 17 new levels for Sonic and Tails to race through which will be filled with real-time water effects and dynamic backgrounds.

Also, since it isn’t just Sonic doing all the ass-kicking, Sonic 4 Episode II will feature co-op gameplay so you will have to use Tails to get through areas. He isn’t just another pretty face. you can check out the new Sonic 4 Episode II trailer for the Tegra 3 Android version of the game in the video above. It is a lot like the last trailer released with a few differences in level shots and, of course, it’s running on a Tegra 3 Android device in this one.

Source: nVidia

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