Nvidia issues a voluntary recall of Shield Tablets due to battery overheating risks

Interesting news this morning from Nvidia as the company has issues a voluntary recall for their Shield Tablets. A voluntary recall is just as it sounds, you don’t have to send your tablet into Nvidia to get replaced, but by not doing so you take responsibility of future risks. So why the recall? Well it is apparently due to the tablet running the risk of having its battery overheating, posing a fire hazard.

The recall is for Nvidia’s 8-inch Shield Tablets sold between July 2014 and July 2015. Nvidia has come to the conclusion that the battery inside these tablets pose a fire hazard risk due to the battery possibly overheating. Sending your tablet in will have Nvidia replacing it with a new one that comes with a safer battery.

Nvidia has put up a site to answer any questions Shield Tablet owners may have regarding how to send in your tablet and getting it replaced with a new one. This recall does not affect any other Nvidia Shield products, only the tablets sold during the above mentioned time period.

NVIDIA is also asking consumers to stop using the recalled tablet, except as needed to participate in the recall and back up data. Consumers will receive a replacement tablet after registering to participate in the recall. – Nvidia

Nvidia has also provided steps for you do to in order to check and see if your tablet fits into the recall time period:

Step 1: Update your software

– From the Home screen, select the Apps icon
– Select the Settings icon
– Scroll down, select About tablet
– Select System Updates
– Verify that your tablet has the latest software dated July 1, 2015, or newer. See image at right. You may need to repeat this step more than once if your system is out of date.

Step 2: Check to see if your unit is part of the recall

– From the Home screen in Android, select the Apps icon
– Select the Settings icon
– Scroll down, select About tablet
– Select Status
– Under the “Battery” category, you’ll see Y01 or B01
– If B01, your unit is NOT affected by this recall
– If Y01, your unit needs to be replaced. Please select Y01 to launch the recall application on the device

Step 3:

You’ll receive a notification on the tablet that includes the device serial number (see second image above). Please enter this serial number, along with your name and contact information, in the fields on the recall page at the bottom.

Just out of mild curiosity, if your device is affected by the recall, let us know in the comments below. It would be interesting to see how many people are replacing their Shield Tablets.

Official Website: Shield Tablet Recall

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