Nvidia pushes out Android 5.0.1 OTA update for Nvidia Shield Tablets

Last night Nvidia began pushing out a new OTA update for their Nvidia Shield Tablet which will bring Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to owners of said tablet. There is actually quite a lot of enhancements that will arrive once you have 5.0.1 installed including live HD effects for the camera, SHIELD power control and memory optimizations.

With this update you will get all the enhancements that come with the vanilla 5.0.1 update for any Lollipop Android device, which is basically a few bug fixes, updates, and some minor enhancements since this is a minor version release. However Nvidia has tweaked a few things as well in order to be more compatible and have better performance with the 5.0.1.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet will see improvements to the overall UI and application in terms of responsiveness which includes when you are switching between apps. As mentioned earlier, the Camera Awesome app now has new effects for still photos and videos.

All the effects leverage the power of the Tegra K1 GPU to deliver live-preview and full resolution recording with the effects. – Nvidia

The Shield Power Control menu has returned as well thanks to this update. The return of this menu is largely due to the feedback Nvidia has gotten from the community after it was initially removed. Nvidia Shield Tablet memory has been optimized further to help improve performance of apps and games that are memory intensive. Lastly, there is now support for OpenGL 4.5 that comes with this update.

Nvidia pushed out this update late last night and if you haven’t received it yet, you can always try and get it through the settings of your Shield Tablet under the Check For Updates feature.

Official Website: Nvidia Blog

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