Nvidia pushes out their Android Nougat update for the Shield Tablet and Tablet K1

We have mentioned previously that Nvidia was gearing up to release their Android Nougat update for the company’s Shield and Shield K1 tablets. Well for those of you who own either of those tablets, this Android OS update is finally making its way to everyone. There is a lot that comes with this OS update to look forward to.

The Android Nougat update brings with it new controller support, improved notifications, improved power consumption, new multitasking features and a lot more.

SHIELD Controller (2017) Support

· Updates to SHIELD controller support

New Multitasking Features

· Split-screen: Run two apps side by side* in Portrait or Landscape modes
· Quick switch: Double tap the Overview button to quickly switch back to the last opened app

Improved Notifications

· Multiple notifications from the same app are now bundled for a streamlined experience
· Reply to messages directly from within the notification*
· Tap and hold on a notification to quickly silence or block notifications from the app

Improved Power Consumption

· Doze on the Go: Doze is now smarter & kicks in even when the device is being carried around


· Includes all-new Unicode 9 emojis

Usability Improvements

· Display & Font size can now separately adjustable to improve readability or screenspace
· Quick Settings can now be customized directly from the menu by tapping “Edit”
· The top Quick Setting tiles can now be accessed with a downward swipe from the lock screen
· Settings now includes a Navigation Menu & Suggestions to improve usability
· The “Clear all” option in Overview have been relocated to the top right

System wide improvements

· New Data Saver: when enabled, limits access to Cellular data for background apps
· New JIT compiler: improves the speed of App & System updates
· Update to Android Security Patch Level December 1, 2016

SHIELD Rewards Program

· Introducing SHIELD Rewards, the exclusive loyalty program for SHIELD owners

The new Shield Rewards program is something heavy Shield users will definitely want to look into. Overall, this is a pretty big improvement all the way around for Shield tablet owners. If you don’t have the notification for the update yet, you can always try to manually initiate the download by going into your device’s settings and checking for the update.

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