Nvidia release update 92 for the Nvidia Shield – It’s all bug fixes

The first of Nvidia’s line of gaming-centric Android devices, the Nvidia Shield has done pretty good for itself. There are still a couple of items being tweaked though regarding the device’s software and Nvidia has kept working on supporting the device and today we get Update 92 which fixes some of these software issues.

Mainly focusing on tweaking the GameStream performance, Update 92 is being sent out to owners to address some of these performance inconsistencies with Nvidia’s GameStream. Also coming in this update is a fix for he auto-rotate feature that has been a bit buggy with the Nvidia Shield. In fact the entire update is all about bug fixes and doesn’t bring anything new to the Nvidia Shield in terms of features but that’s okay.

Also coming with this update is improved responsiveness in games that use the gyroscope and a fix that now allows users to access the Twitch shortcut. Before now you couldn’t access the Twitch features through the shortcut. This has now been fixed.

The update is an OTA one so you can just wait for it to hit your Nvidia Shield or you can do it manually.

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