Nvidia releases news regarding when the Shield Tablet will get the Android Nougat update

While everyone with an original Shield Android TV console is waiting to get the Android 7.0 (a.k.a Nougat), which has plenty of confusion as to exactly when that will be arriving (around a week from now), the Shield Android TV isn’t the only Shield device getting the OS update soon. The Shield Tablet will also be getting the OS update but that is still a bit further in the future.

Nvidia mentioned in the thread comments regarding beta testing Shield games that the Shield Tablet would be getting the delicious Nougat update as well, and it is a lot closer than you may be thinking. While no specific date was announced, it was mentioned that it would be arriving for the Shield Tablet in a few weeks. The statement was made to a user asking about when the Shield Tablet K1 would be getting the OS update.

There isn’t much more to go on regarding this, but we have reached out to our friends at Nvidia to see if we can nail down a bit more of a specific date/time frame to expect the update for the tablet to arrive.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Shield Google+ via Android Police

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