Nvidia’s SHIELD gets one last change before launch – A cheaper price

Nvidia has decided to make one final change in response to the feedback from the community of Android gamers who want one of their handheld Tegra 4 Android-powered gaming devices called SHIELD. A lot of people have pointed out that the original pricing of $349 is just a bit too high when it comes to considering purchasing this device.

So Nvidia has done something not a whole lot of companies do when it comes to pricing their new devices and hearing from the community that it is too expensive. They have lowered the price of the SHIELD to $299 from the original $349. If you pre-ordered one of these you will be charged the new price and not the old one. All pre-ordered are shipping out next week.

Lastly, Nvidia has announced an official release date for their SHIELD and that is June 27th, 2013. So with the price change down to $299, does this change your mind about picking up one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

Website Referenced: Nvidia’s Blog

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