Nvidia’s Shield pre-order moved up and go live today

Earlier this week Nvidia announced that their Android-powered handheld gaming device called Shield would be going up for pre-orders on May 20th, 2013 except for those of you who signed up for the newsletters for Shield update. If you did that you were able to pre-order one at the beginning of the week.

Well for those of you waiting to pre-order a Shield unit, there is some good news today as you won’t have to wait until May 20th, 2013 to do so. Instead you’ll be able to pre-order one today since the company has decided to go live with the pre-orders now due to growing demand for the unit. Interested people can now pre-order an Nvidia Shield off of a few different retailer website, all of which we have linked below.

The shipping date has not changed and the Shield is still slated for shipping sometime in June 2013. As for pricing, it will still cost you $350 to pick one of these guys up.

Pre-order sites: Newegg | Gamestop | Computer Canada | Nvidia

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