nVidia throwing their support at Mircast, an interesting wireless display standard

nVidia just announced that they are throwing their weight behind Miracast, a rather interesting wireless display standard that has some nice potential to make Android gaming a little more convenient while at home. In fact they play to build support for Miracast right into upcoming Tegra processors.

So why should you care about Miracast? Well for one it eliminates the need for using an HDMI-out cable in order to stream movies or the games you are playing onto your HDTV. In fact Miracast will let you do that without even needing a wireless network to tap into. It will just stream right to your HDTV. The perks of not having to have an HDMI-out cable to play your Android games on your HDTV from your device are pretty self-explanatory.

The only prerequisite is that your HDTV, or whatever device you want to stream to, is a Miracast-certified device. Other than that,once Tegra chips have Miracast integrated into them, you’ll be able to directly stream your movies and games to your HDTV without really having to do anything but tell your phone or tablet that you want to stream it.

You can check out this video above to learn more about it as well as the white paper nvVidia just released that goes a bit more into detail.

Source: nVidia

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