nVidia to announce the Tegra 3 tomorrow at MWC 2011? It seems so!

With the announcement of the Qualcomm/ARM quad-core chip at MWC 2011, it is looking like the processor battle is starting to hear up. Hot on the heels of that announcement, nVidia is apparently set to unveil the Tegra 3 chip tomorrow during MWC 2011 as well and thanks to that leaked timeline, we know so specs already.

Tegra 3 T30 specs:

  • Quad-core Cortex-A9 clocking in up to 1.5GHz (13800 MIPS) *apparently now rating over 2GHz+
  • 3X Faster graphics
  • ULP (Ultra-low Power) CPU Mode
  • Blu-ray video
  • 1920×1200 resolution


Tegra 3 AP30 Specs:

  • Dual or Quad Core
  • 1366×768 resolution


While the T30 and AP30 Tegra 3 processors were originally though to be clocking in at least 1.5GHz, word has it that they are now rating the speed at 2GHz+ for up to four times the performance increase. We also know that we will start seeing Tegra 3 chips out in the open in the Fall 2011 thanks to that timeline that was recently leaked back in January.

Not to take anything away from Qualcomm but nVidia will more than likely have the Tegra 3 in devices before Qualcomm has their quad-cores in Android devices. It just seems to be the pattern but by all means we would be happy to be proven wrong. Hopefully we are right about the announcement by nVidia tomorrow. We may also see the Tegra 2 3D chip announced as well so it could be a good day.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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