Ocean Tower from Flaregames now officially available for download

A couple of days ago we talked about a strategy sim game called Ocean Tower by Flaregames. At the time it wasn’t available for downloading to any of our devices and the release date was official set for today. Well it is now May 31st and Ocean Tower is indeed available for download.

Ocean Tower has you building and managing a tower in the middle of the ocean. You will have to deal with everything from actual expansion of your tower to maintenance , entertaining guests and even cleaning the place up all in order to pull in profit.

Ocean Tower Features:

• Compete in the race for the best tower – build upwards and downwards
• Use limited space wisely for optimum efficiency
• Use renewable energy sources to provide power
• Attract tourists with underwater photo safaris

Some people reported to us that they were able to download the game yesterday but unfortunately for us we could not. It might have been a location-based release. However, as of today, it should be available for everyone to download and yes, it is available to download for free.

Developer Website: Flaregames

Google Play Link: Ocean Tower

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