Office Jerk to bring soothing workplace violence to your Android phone this week.

Office Jerk is an iOS that has, since it’s release, been downloaded over 5 million times. If you take the game Paper Toss and blend it with larger, generally more solid items and stick an animated co-worker in front of you are your target, you will have the game Office Jerk. Feel free to toss a fan at hit should the urge come over you to do so.

You will be greeted with a nice selection of items to throw at your annoying co-worker when you start the game up. Taking into account the wind and angle, you will toss said items at his face or general body area. You can also aim for other things like his computer just to anger him a bit more. This game will be free upon release and will include in-game purchases by the sounds of it. It’s definitely an entertaining spin on the whole Paper Toss type of game.


Office Jerk is set to release sometime this week onto the Android Market if all goes well. Now you’ll be able to virtually hurt someone in case you get stressed out in real life over something.

Developer Website: Fluik Entertainment

Website Referenced: AndroidGuys Twitter

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