Official release date for Amazing Alex from Rovio announced, coming July 12th

Rovio’s newest IP and first completely unrelated to Angry Birds game is nearing it’s release time and Rovio has finally announced the exact date for Amazing Alex’s release onto Android and iOS. Rovio has uploaded a nice little video along with the news to show, very briefly, what the game will look like.

The video is mostly are cartoon but near the end of it you can see a bit of the gameplay that will arrive in Amazing Alex. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up on the Rovio news, which I don’t blame you since there always seems to be a lot of it, Amazing Alex is actually Casey’s Contraptions, an iOS game that Rovio purchased the IP to and revamped and re-branded so that they can release it on iOS and Android.

Rovio plans to have a huge launch for Amazing Alex similar in size to Angry Birds Space which, considering the release date being July 12th, should be interesting to see them pull off in two days. Until then, enjoy the video above.

Source: YouTube

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