Old London Street Car Racing Takes High Octane Urban Races Back in Time, Out Now on Android

Old London has a timeless appeal, and it’s barely off our screens in one form or another. But those screens tend not to be displaying video games. 

In the last couple of years alone we’ve seen Holmes & Watson, The Alienist, Mary Poppins Returns, Belgravia, Bridgerton, and countless other visions of a bygone English capital. But zero games.

Until, that is, we stumbled across Old London Street Car Racing. This nostalgic racer from Adr_gamedevelopment places you firmly in the age of cobbles, pea-soupers, and lamplit “braces” (that’s Cockney rhyming slang for “races”). 

Gameplay-wise, Old London Street Car Racing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: racing on the streets of old London, trying to get as far as you can while avoiding collisions with rickety old cars and horse-drawn carriages. 

The farther you get, and the fewer vehicles you hit, the more coins you earn to spend on new features and specs. Points are awarded based on a variety of factors, including total distance, number of near misses, amount of time over a certain speed, and amount of time driving in the opposite direction. 

Old London Street Car Racing comes with four different modes: One-way, Two-ways, Time Limit, and Speed Bomb. Between them they’ll give you countless hours of drag-racing fun, and each mode has its own high score to chase. 

There are multiple vehicles to choose from, too, including the ZIS-101, classic Bugatti, and the timeless Ford Prefect E493A Saloon. If you already know what those cars look like, this is definitely the game for you. 

On top of all that, Old London Street Car Racing boasts three distinct playing scenarios. There’s Sunny, Rainy, and Night. They’re all completely different, too, with burning buildings lighting up the night racing mode and colorful blossoming trees festooning the sunny races. 

You can download Old London Street Car Racing on the Google Play Store right now. 

A fundraising project for the game has just been launched via FundRazr too, which you can check out here.

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