Old school style brawler Combo Crew gets updated with new content

The Game Bakers rather enjoyable old school style brawler called Combo Crew has had an updated pushed out to it this morning. This update brings with it a variety of features and content that expand the game in a variety of ways including a whole new chapter to beat people up in.


Aside from the whole new chapter the game now comes with, Combo Crew now has a bunch of new skins for players to collect and use to customize the look of their characters. There also happens to be new leaderboards to compete in and Google+ sign-in as well. The most entertaining part about the update though, aside from the new chapter, is that there are now new cheesy endings for all the fighters in the game.

If you play Combo Crew you’ll want to update your version of the game when you get a minute in order to get all the new content and features. The update is now live on Google Play.

Google Play Link: Combo Crew

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