Om Nom: Merge is a Brand New Puzzler by the Creator of Cut the Rope

ZeptoLab, the talented mobile developer behind Cut the Rope, is back with a brand new puzzler, Om Nom: Merge.

Om Nom: Merge features characters from Cut the Rope too. You have to help protagonist Om Nom save the forest by basically eating loads of fruit.

Om Nom: Merge Challenges You to Create Your Own Nommies to Save a Dying Forest

You see, the forest is dying due to an overabundance of fruit, so you have to try and eat the forest back to good health.

But you can’t do it alone, and that’s where the gameplay comes from. You have to merge Nommies to create enough creatures to eat the remaining fruit.

There are dozens of Nommies to create in total, and discovering all of them – and the sheer number of exciting locations – is part of the fun.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out Om Nom: Merge. It looks like an awful lot of fun.

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