One Piece Sets Sail On Mobile With One Piece Dream Pointer Release!

The feature image of the news of One Piece Dream Pointer Release has the characters from the anime one piece- zoro and luffy merrily standing infront of a castle.

Set your course for adventure, the One Piece Dream Pointer release is cruising in your direction…if you’re in the right region, anyway. A new mobile RPG officially authorized by One Piece IP. This turn-based RPG, made by Yesgames and Toei Animation together, promises fun for Straw Hat Pirates fans.

The game is available in China from April 1, 2024. Players join Luffy and his gang as they sail the dangerous seas. And, even though it has yet to be officially released globally, many One Piece devotees are very excited about when it does.

Assemble Your Dream Crew

The world of One Piece Dream Pointer is brimming with potential nakama (companions). Whether it’s Luffy or a Hawkeye Mihawk honed by his training, you can assemble your dream crew. With it, conquer the challenges ahead.

You can put together your own group of characters, like Luffy, Zoro, and others, to go on the journey with you. Each character has unique moves and powers, like Luffy’s “Rubber Elephant Gun” and Zoro’s “The Secret of the Three Swordsman One, Three Thousand Worlds.”

In One Piece Dream Pointer, players are in the Holy Land of Marie Geoise and are part of the Straw Hat crew’s adventures after they get back together.

This three-dimensional vertical screen game lets players bring in their favorite characters as heroes and experience famous scenes. To win, players must master clever turn-based battles, where they use character skill cards to beat enemies.

Strategic Turn-based Combat

The One Piece Dream Pointer Release features strategic turn-based combat that’s easy to pick up but promises hidden depths. Additionally, you can master character skill cards to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious.

It’s hard to miss the beautiful 3D graphics that make the world of One Piece come to life in One Piece Dream Pointer. The game also has the original Japanese sounds from the show, which subtitle fans will be pleased to see.

Gamers in the CN region can download the game for now through tap tap!

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