Return Of The Straw Hat Team In One Piece: Dream Pointer

The image shows Luffy and friends in a colorful setting surrounded by skyscraper trees and interesting buildings

Another One Piece game is making its entry on Andriod! Which should hopefully be out for global release soon with speculations for mid-year 2024. Created by NVS Games, make way for Monkey D. Luffy in the 3D adventure, One Piece: Dream Pointer mobile game!

We get a hearty video that totals 17 minutes long over on the R/gachagaming Reddit page, where the inspiration for this news originated. So grab your devil fruit and settle into the clip to check out what this brilliant game has in store.

What We Know So Far

Rich with lore, and brimming with stunning visuals and animation, this gacha promises to go the extra mile and sail further than any One Piece game has done previously. You take the stage as the beloved protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. Face off against the zany characters from the franchise, and recruit your own Straw Hat team.

 This game aims to take you on a journey alongside Luffy and his Straw Hat team, who can be found at the Holy Land of Marie Geoise. After the reunion, take to the seas and the land to complete quests, defeat rival pirates, and put your skills to the test with strategy cards which make all the difference in confrontation. This endless game allows you to explore with no map restrictions, encouraging the players to truly indulge within this expansive gacha.

Where This Treasure Is Hiding

One Piece: Dream Pointer will be coming to Andriod in portrait mode with its catchy style that perfectly displays the uniqueness of One Piece and its characters. With colourful 3D models, no character feels cut-and-paste, with so many diverse sizes and shapes to really stretch the lengths of modern-day gacha styles.
As mentioned, this game isn’t yet available globally, though there are plans for it soon! However, in the meantime, it is up for pre-registration over in China, which can be checked out here if you are curious. Anyone who is able to pre-register will get rewarded with 100 Diamonds and 1 Recruitment Ticket upon launch!

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Ps, this news goes out to my best friend Dré, who absolutely loves OP.

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