One Punch Man: World Trailer Shows An Open World Action Game

Feature image for our One Punch Man: World news piece. It shows a screen from the trailer, with the character Genos strolling through a city park at sunset.

A new One Punch Man game is winging its way to mobile platforms and PC, courtesy of Crunchyroll. The One Punch Man: World website is live and there’s a trailer to watch that looks pretty impressive.

There’s no firm release date announced yet, though pre-registrations are available via the website. As of writing there, we’ve not found any Google Play page, but there’s a button on the site, so expect one in the not-too-distant future.

A Game That You Play?

Even if the usual licensed mobile games aren’t your speed, One Punch Man: World might be worth a look. This doesn’t appear to be your average idle gacha or anything like that. They’re not pulling an Invincible: Guarding The Globe on us, here. One Punch Man: World looks to be an actual action game.

There are 3D arenas and 3D characters that you appear to control. There are attacks, combos, and what appear to be dodge mechanics. If the trailer is sincere in how it portrays the footage, there are large environments with lots of NPCs wandering around.

It’s got our attention, at least.

The Bold And The Bald

One Punch Man is a hit webtoon, anime, and manga that follows the adventures of Saitama. He’s a superhero whose ability to defeat nearly any opponent is only rivaled by his inability to grow any hair on his head.

As the title might suggest, Saitama can defeat any enemy with a single punch. This is great for the cause of justice, but a bit of a nuisance for our hairless hero, as he finds himself unbearably bored by the lack of challenge.

Saitama takes on Genos, a less follicularly-challenged hero with cyborg limbs, who’s out on a revenge quest to take on the individual who murdered his family. Together they fight crime. No, really.

Sound interesting to you? Well, you can pre-register with your email to get the latest updates via the official website.

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