OnLive moves one step closer to bringing console games to Android

OnLive has slowly been making moves to invade the Android gaming arena with it’s game streaming service. Yesterday during Uplinq 2011, they announced the Universal Wireless Controller. With this, you can play any of their games on any device that supports OnLive which includes Android tablets and phones.

Onlive’s announcement yesterday is an interesting one with some serious potential to bring console gaming to Android. HTC recently invested $40 million into OnLive’s service in an effort to have it embedded right into future devices, such as the HTC Flyer. Normally, you would have to have a little black box, along with the wireless controller, in order to accomplish this on other devices such as TVs. How they plan to implement this for Android devices in general is not totally clear as of yet. From what we have seen though, you won’t need the little black box as an app would be able to contain the software the box does. Of course it helps if you have all that embedded into your device from the jump like HTC is planning on doing.

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One you have this service on your device though, you will be able to play any of the games they offer which includes games like Call of Duty, you know, real console/PC games that normally wouldn’t be available for you to play. Games are streamed to you via the cloud with very low lag (usually) and you will be able to play them using the wireless controller that comes with the package or you can hook it up via USB should you feel like it.

We will definitely be keeping our eyes on this as it progresses. The cloud gaming wars are starting to heat up though as OnLive isn’t the only company working on getting Android compatibility to their game streaming service. Either way, that only benefits us, the gamer, more. With E3 right around the corner, we are hoping this makes an appearance so we can test it our ourselves.

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Developer Website: Onlive

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