OnLive style service Gaikai to be integrated into the upcoming WikiPad tablet

OnLive has been pretty successful when it comes to their mobile ambitions with their release of their service onto Android devices. Other services similar to OnLive must be taking notice as Gaikai is now jumping into the mobile sphere and having their client integrated into the upcoming WikiPad Android tablet.

The WikiPad Android tablet is a 3D glasses-free Android device that made its first appearance during CES 2012. Still slated for release at some point in our lives, the creator of the tablet has apparently struck a deal with cloud-based gaming service Gaikai to have their client integrated right into the tablet.

“We chose to partner with Gaikai’s game streaming service for its leading performance, graphics, and content. It is the leading game streaming solution with the best library of AAA games and we are thrilled to offer these high quality experiences to our users where Gaikai’s network is deployed.” – Fraser Townley, WikiPad’s President of Sales.

The WikiPad, if released before any other device similar to it, is a tablet designed for mobile gaming. It sports an 8″ screen, plenty of RAM (2GB) and storage, glasses-free 3D, Android 4.0 and a 1.2GHz processor. It will also come with a detachable split gamepad which clamps onto the sides of the tablet and features all the buttons and joysticks you could need: shoulder buttons, face buttons, and dual-analogue sticks.

Gaikai is a cloud-based gaming service that, up until now, was strictly PC-based. This is actually a service that we considered offering up here on DroidGamers but since it wasn’t optimized for mobile at the time, we figured we would wait. Gaikai offers Triple-A titles that can be played right on your PC via the cloud without having to download anything. Games like Dead Space 2, Rayman Origins and Mass Effect 3 are all available to play through Gaikai.

It will be interesting to see how this all comes together when the WikiPad tablet is released and if this boosts the future sales of the device.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Official Website: Gaikai

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