OpenFeint launches version 1.1 of the OpenFeint Spotlight app, helping devs get discovered

OpenFeint’s Spotlight app has been pretty handy when trying to find new games that have OpenFeint integrated into it. Now with this new version that the team has put out onto the market, they hope that it will help game developers with OpenFeint gain better visibility through social features.

With Feint Spotlight Android gamers get direct access to these Feint benefits:

  • Check out their Feint games library – including game achievements and leaderboards
  • Use Facebook to find new friends on Feint
  • See what games their friends are playing and buy them if they’re interested



The new version of the Spotlight app makes it easier for players to find new games and add new friends, increasing viral distribution in the marketplace for game developers who have implemented OpenFeint into their games. It is a win/win situation. Developers get more exposure and gamers get to play more games with their friends and find good new games!

If you’re a developer interested in adding OpenFeint to your game, you can head over to their developer section and download the SDK for free.

Developer Website: OpenFeint

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